Publications de Ioannis-Sokratis Drakatos

Article de revue avec comité de lecture


Internal slab-column connections under monotonic and cyclic imposed rotations

Drakatos I.-S., Muttoni A., Beyer K.

Engineering Structures, 123, 2016, pp. 501-516.

Articles de conférence avec comité de lecture


Analytical model for slab-column connections subjected to cyclically increasing drifts

Drakatos I.-S., Beyer E., Muttoni A.

16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile, 2017


Mechanical Model for flexural behaviour of slab-column connections under seismically induced deformations

Drakatos I.-S., Muttoni A., Beyer K.

4th fib Congress, Mumbai, India, 2014, 8 p.

Experimental investigation on seismic behaviour of slab-column connections

Drakatos I.-S., Beyer K., Muttoni A.

Proc. of the 10th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, Quebec, 2014, pp. 255-261.

Thèse avec comité de lecture


Seismic behaviour of slab-column connections without transverse reinforcement

Drakatos I.-S.

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2016, 196 p.