Publications de Joao Simoes

Articles de revue avec comité de lecture


The theoretical principles of the critical shear crack theory for punching shear failures and derivation of consistent closed-form design expressions

Muttoni A., Fernández Ruiz M., Simões J. T.

Structural concrete, 2017, pp. 1-17.


Strength of reinforced concrete footings without transverse reinforcement according to limit analysis

Simões J. T., Faria D. M. V., Fernández Ruiz M., Muttoni A.

Engineering structures, Vol. 112, UK, 2016, pp. 146-161.

Punching shear tests on compact footings with uniform soil pressure

Simões J. T., Bujnak J., Fernández Ruiz M., Muttoni A.

Structural Concrete, n° 4, Suisse, 2016, pp. 603-617.

Articles de conférence avec comité de lecture

Punching shear strength and behaviour of compact reinforced concrete footings

Simões J. T., Fernández Ruiz M., Muttoni A.

11th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, Tokyo, Japan, 2016, pp. 649-656.


Limit Analysis for Punching Shear Design of Compact Slabs and Footings

Simões J. T., Faria D. M. V., Muttoni A., Fernández Ruiz M.

fib Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015, 13 p.