Publications de Filip Niketic



Assessment of existing structures based on elastic-plastic stress fields - Modelling of critical details and investigation of the in-plane shear transverse bending interaction

Muttoni A., Fernández Ruiz M., Niketic F., Backes M.-R.

Rapport OFROU, N° 680, Switzerland, 2016, pp. 134.

Articles de revue avec comité de lecture


Response of RC panels accounting for crack development and its interaction with rebars

Hars E., Niketic F., Fernández Ruiz M.

Magazine of Concrete Research, 2017, 23 p.


Design versus Assessment of Concrete Structures Using Stress Fields and Strut-and-Tie Models

Muttoni A., Fernández Ruiz M., Niketic F.

ACI Structural Journal, Vol.112, No 5, Farmington Hills, USA, 2015, pp. 605-616.

Thèse avec comité de lecture


Development of a consistent approach for design and assessment of structural concrete members using stress fields and strut-and-tie models

Niketic F.

Thèse EPFL n° 7911, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017, 193 p.